Loyalty Pprogram.

We very happy to have you as our customer. We give a little bit back each time buy from our smoke shop. Each dallor you send in the store earns you loyalty points. When you have 50 or more loyalty points you can trade your points in for a discount on your next purchase,or hold on to the points to earn a biger discound.

Our customer loyalty program point are as follows:

  50 point =   5% off your sale.
100 point = 10% off your sale.
150 point = 15% off your sale.
200 point = 20% off your sale.

You are automatically earning points from you first purchase, and every purchase after that. Your point are linked to your ID card number in out computer system. your point totals are print on your receipt. Or you can ask us to look up your point total at any time.